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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Pit Bull & American Bulldog Magazines. Bulldog Review V5 #1-4+1 320 pages (NOS)

 Bulldog Review (formerly National Bulldogger)

Bulldog Review magazine covered American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs. Covers include: a turn of the century Bulldog Christmas card from the ABA collection, a boar hunting scene from a 1610 engraving by Tempesta, 1886 lithograph cigar label “The Bouncer”, early 20th century Bulldoggers and Bulldog. Articles include: Bulldog credentials- Teeth of the Tiger and Sign of the Beast by Richard Stratton, Pard’s part II by Fredric Maffei, Just 30 Years ago by EL Mullins, Fear, Loathing, and Apathy in New Jersey by Todd Fenstermacher, Beauty but not the Beast by Scott Katzev, the Molossus Myth & Other Mastiff Malarkey by Jan Libourel, Feed Him the Best-Naturally by Bob Stevens, Catchweights....Yesterday and Today by John Gerard, Antiquity of Bull and Terrier Breeds by Anthony J Johnson, The Catchdog by Bob Stevens, Neches River Hog Dog Trial results, excerpt from Stonehenge’s The Dog, etc. (1859), It’s Alive! by Big DC, Hog Hunting Western Style by Kyle Symmes, Bulldog development stages. Also Dear John Behavior Advice columns by John Tatman, Love them Bulldogs photo galleries and lots of opinions. 256 pages.

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